$250k+ campaign revenue from our audiophile influencers.

ProductWind partnered with 100 influencers to promote a recently launched wireless headphones product.

This campaign generated 100+ pieces of content and pushed the product from Page  6 to Page 1 for keyword "true wireless earbuds" (35k monthly searches).  

The incremental sales from this campaign drove 100+ product reviews & ratings. Our influencers delivered fresh testimonials for social ads, created on-brand lifestyle images,  and uploaded helpful video content to the product page.

Ramen. Ramen. Ramen. Page 1 . Page 1. Page 1.

ProductWind partnered with 300 influencers to re-launch a delicious Ramen product.

This campaign helped the product win Page 1 for multiple highly-searched keywords including “spicy ramen” (25k monthly searches).  

Our campaign generated hundreds of pieces of photo and video content that the brand is using in other strategic marketing initiatives.

Establishing the winners of the Smart Home movement.

ProductWind partnered with 50 influencers to promote an Alexa-compatible smart light bulb.

This campaign generated 100+ pieces of content and secured share of voice for alexa-based keywords.

The brand used our content to launch a massive Prime Day and social media campaign promoting the product.

Slot 5 to slot 1.
Exponential growth.

ProductWind partnered with 100 influencers to help turn a strong-selling keto product into a best-seller.

This campaign generated 150+ pieces of content and pushed the product to the top slot on Page 1 for the keyword "keto cereal" (44k monthly searches).

The increase in incremental sales from the campaign led to 100+ product reviews & ratings.

Product feedback, lifestyle images, and ‘how to’ video content.

ProductWind partnered with 40 influencers to get early feedback on a new Home & Entertainment product.

Our influencers delivered quotes for the brand’s marketing material, feedback for the brand’s product team, and tons of lifestyle content.

Winning competitive categories like Skin Care.

We help emerging brands launch their products and cut through the hullabaloo of competition - all with the click of a button.

The brand provided crucial strategic marketing direction by filling out our one-page marketing brief. Our automated influencers-as-a-service system did the rest.

Launching products for emerging and household brands.

ProductWind worked with hundreds of influencers to promote multiple products for a top household brand.

Our influencers generated hundreds of pieces of content, created massive social buzz on Instagram, Tiktok and Youtube, and enriched product pages with lifestyle and helpful content.

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