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Get more value from your retail ad spend

High competition for E-Commerce ad placements can mean less value for your paid media dollar, especially when launching new products. ProductWind helps you start advertising your products faster and sooner than normal, all while making your ad spend 40% more effective.  Combining SEO wins with more efficient and effective ad spend equals a surge in your Share of Voice.

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Get leading paid placements for less

Our creator campaigns tap the retail algorithm to shoot your product to top organic search and paid spots, meaning a more effective retail media and SEO spend. Incremental reviews from our campaigns also dramatically boost click-through rates for your ads. Our partner brands typically cut their advertising cost of sales on E-Commerce sites by 30 to 50%.

Grow your ad reach

ProductWind campaigns help you earn top sponsored ad placements for your product, which equals powerful increases in ad reach. Since we boost your click-through rates, online retailers like Amazon, Target and Best Buy will show your ads to even more potential buyers, optimizing your paid media efficiency.

Slash the price of promoting new products

Advertising a new listing can be 2 to 3 times more expensive than promoting a well-performing product. ProductWind lets you ramp new listing traffic, SEO and conversions quickly, lowering ad costs right from launch. Low advertising bids early on let our partner brands maximize earning potential across a product’s lifetime.

We’re always looking for the most effective ways to make a product succeed in the E-Commerce space. ProductWind gave us incredible results and we see it becoming an essential part of our toolkit across all categories.
Katie Yang
Vice President of Brand Marketing and Strategic Partnerships, DFO Global Performance Commerce
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