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We use tech and influencers to bring the ROI back to marketing

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We're re-inventing influencer marketing

ProductWind is an influencer marketing solution built specifically for e-commerce brands. We bridge influencer campaigns directly to incremental sales.

Product Launch

Diverse Influencers

Marketing Buzz

Measurable ROI

Get new products off the ground in days, not months

We coordinate thousands of influencers to deliver impactful campaigns

Get to Page 1 for the keywords that matter

Our best-in-class reporting highlights how we helped your business

Momentum is everything

You only get one chance to launch your product. Our influencers will become product experts, brand ambassadors, and your biggest fans.

Get the world talking about your product.

Product Launch

Influencers from all walks of life

From Gaming to Beauty. From one thousand followers to one million. From Twitch to TikTok.

We work with the influencers that will maximize incremental sales for your brand.

Diverse Influencers

Influencers and their followers share, test, and create a flurry of product sales.

Move from Page 10 to Page 1

The ProductWind SEO engine makes sure that you're ready to grow from all the marketing hype.

Marketing Buzz

We drive

incremental sales

No more talk about 'indexed impressions'.

Our self-service reporting lets you view performance in real time and start campaigns in just a few clicks.

Measurable ROI

Launch right on every retailer

Our markets

ProductWind runs campaigns in the United States, Canada, Australia, Europe, and Japan.

Ready for a test campaign?

94% of our clients run a second campaign

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ProductWind uses tech and influencers to bring the ROI back to marketing