Consumer Electronics

Panasonic supercharges launches across E-Commerce channels with ProductWind

With a strong presence in business segments ranging from home appliances to smartphones, Panasonic is one of the largest consumer electronics companies in the world.

The Challenge

Panasonic is a household name in consumer lifestyle technologies. However, when launching new products online, their team ran into a hurdle faced even by E-Commerce experts: the cold start. Getting enough traffic, sales and reviews for new products to gain traction on sites like Amazon and Target often took months. Traditional paid advertising was table stakes, but offered little direct impact on sales. Panasonic needed instant traffic and reviews to quickly ramp up new product sales.

The ProductWind Solution

Reclaim launch time

Traditionally, finding and working with influencers takes months. With ProductWind's fully managed service, Panasonic instantly launched 16 campaigns at one time, each activating 120+ creators.

Make products go viral

ProductWind influencers are ultra-experienced in building product awareness fast and pointing followers to online retail listings. A single TikTok post garnered 200K+ views and boosted page views on Amazon.

Traffic feeds SEO wins

Sites like Amazon reward creator-driven traffic spikes by shooting products up the search rankings. Panasonic listings captured Page 1 for target keywords, spurring rapid growth in sales and reviews.

The Results

Products launched 300% faster
social media assets licensed to the brand
new ratings and reviews helped boost conversions
of campaigns reached top 5 SEO rankings for high-return keywords
With ProductWind, we’ve slashed our E-Commerce launch time while generating incredible outcomes.
Michelle Esgar
Director of Marketing and Experience, Panasonic

91% of brands run a second campaign with us.
We bet you will too.

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The Challenge

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91% of brands run a second campaign with us.
We bet you will too.

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