Orchestrate hundreds of creators proven to drive retail sales

It’s hard to find creators who represent your brand and can move the sales needle. ProductWind’s specialized tech instantly matches you with perfect-fit influencers on TikTok, Instagram and YouTube. Our first-party data tracking means we know exactly which creators are most likely to drive E-Commerce results.

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Quickly find the right influencers, at scale

When launching a new product, minutes matter. Yet, most influencer platforms force you to spend weeks working with creators one-on-one. We immediately source, negotiate, and coordinate hundreds of true-to-brand influencers so you can rapidly launch one or multiple campaigns at scale.

Find the perfect fit, no matter your needs

Our exclusive creator community boasts over 3.2 million proven macro- and micro-influencers who specialize in retail content, SEO and sales. Our influencers reach ready-to-buy audiences around the world and are experts in all segments, including niche products that are traditionally hard to promote.

Get real retail results, not just impressions

Most influencer marketing focuses on vanity metrics like engagement. ProductWind is the only influencer platform that tracks e-retail data, from which creator subscribes to Walmart+ to who uploads videos to Amazon. All our social and E-Commerce metrics are first-party, ensuring up-to-the-minute accuracy.

We already specialize in motivating people through influencers, but ProductWind made reaching our activation goal easier and faster. The campaign results exceeded our goal, and ProductWind was quick to make mid-campaign adjustments to help get us there.
Andy Forrest
Executive Director, Feel Good Action
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91% of brands run a second campaign with us.
We bet you will too.

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