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Our leadership principles

Be a positive force

Good people make the journey worthwhile. ProductWinders share wins, empower one another, and put out positive energy. We believe we will win and share this optimism with each other - especially when the going gets hard. 

Do right by the customer

When we don’t know something, we go to the customer to find answers. When we learn something useful, it’s our responsibility to teach and help our customers. We always start from the customer and work backwards. 

Exhibit ownership 

Strong owners finish what they start. They ask good questions, meet deadlines, and share updates proactively. They aren’t bottlenecks. They write things down and are awesome communicators. 

Take action

ProductWinders dive into problems without asking permission. We take decisive tactical steps instead of pondering theoretical systems. We celebrate those who have the courage to take the first step.

Move the needle

ProductWinders prioritize ruthlessly and ask “will this move the needle?” We dislike busy work, love picking low-hanging fruit, and make big bets that have the potential to transform our business. We play to win. 

Be right a lot

ProductWinders have a knack for making the right call, over and over. We seek out data and use it to make decisions. When we don’t have data, we practice empathy and trust our instincts. Great instincts are a superpower.