Nonprofit hits 150% of campaign goal with ProductWind

September 6, 2022

SAN FRANCISCO — Feel Good Action, an organization that motivates young Americans to vote using social media, hit 150% of their voter registration campaign goal in a partnership with the influencer marketing platform ProductWind.

The nonprofit just wrapped up a ProductWind campaign in which influencers encouraged viewers to either register to vote or confirm they were registered to vote for the upcoming midterm elections.

While the goal of the campaign was to drive 500 voter registrations and confirmations, ProductWind delivered over 750.

“We already specialize in motivating people through influencers, but ProductWind made reaching our activation goal easier and faster,” explained Andy Forrest, Feel Good Action’s Executive Director. “The campaign results exceeded our goal, and ProductWind was quick to make mid-campaign adjustments to help get us there.”

Working with creators is a crucial step for nonprofits that want to extend their reach to an untapped audience. However, targeting and communicating with effective influencers who share an organization’s values and goals can take weeks, or even months.

ProductWind simplifies this process to just one click. The platform’s specialized technology takes only minutes to find hundreds of perfect-match creators, handles the contracting, social controls and payments.

“Our aim is to make influencer marketing as simple and effective as possible,” said Tim Wilson, Chief Revenue Officer at ProductWind. “We’re so happy that our platform has helped nonprofits like Feel Good Action to not only beat their goals, but also free up more hours to put back into the work they are so passionate about.”

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About ProductWind

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About Feel Good Action

Feel Good Action is a values-based media organization that combines data, media and behavior science to motivate action. Their team works with micro-influencers on social media to craft authentic voting messages which motivate new voters to cast a ballot in favor of social justice and environmental sustainability. Learn more at